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experienced and reliable breeders


We are experienced and reliable breeders and We Take pride in what we do, we are determined to share our love for pets through a business as the experiences gained over the years speaks for itself It is our goal to be of service to those individuals who have a passion for puppies, just like we do. We decided to start our own groups because we believe we can do a better job. All of them are very adorable and have traits of their own, indicating a sense of individuality. We adore all sorts. We just chose to breed mostly purebreds and designer dogs because they are what families need. we are very experienced and reliable and we can’t resist how lovely they are. The puppies for sale have names. We have given them such because we wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t. To make them special, it was our initiative to call them something that’s solely their own. It’s less confusing this way, too.

The golden rule says you shall not do unto others what you don’t want them to do unto you. We do not treat these puppies as if they’re products for sale. Indeed, they are being sold but our means of doing so is to bring joy to them and our customers. We do not ask customers to just pay for them. Instead, we do it by encouraging them to adopt.

We are Exceptional, Experienced and Reliable Breeders

Being very particular in our breeding program and always thinking about which matings will work best to create the most beautiful dogs and at the same time maintaining that fun loving, playful temperament that every cavapoo puppy should have. Over the years I have learned which personalities work best together with my different dogs. The mark as to whether or not a breeder has been successful in an area like this lies in what owners are saying about the dogs a kennel produces. Please take a moment and dig into the Testimonials section of our site. We have many, many people who have provided excellent feedback on their dog’s personality.

Since we began breeding, I have endeavored to maintain a very high level of professionalism in all I do. I am always looking to improve our service as breeders and when we make mistakes, we will do our best to make them right with every client.

All dogs are assessed in individual foster homes. All dogs are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, deflead and wormed,  where necessary, before rehoming. Home checks are done prior to placing all dogs and follow up support is available. We also provide health and welfare advice as well as giving accurate information about the nature and behavior of poodle

Our dogs are placed into foster homes all over the country in order that they can be assessed in a home environment. 

Nice cavapoos is run entirely by volunteers in their spare time. We cannot be available 24/7 but we try to do our best.